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3,62 EUR*
Details Hardy Rockery Gems Seeds

A generous packet of all sorts of rockery and front of border plants. Far too many to list, but includes dwarf campanulas, tiny thalictrums, diminutive gentians, dianthus and very many more. SOWING ADVICE: Seeds can be sown at any time but are best ...

19,70 EUR*
Details Rockery Königlicher Alter Druck Gartenbau-Garten Chiswick

Old Antique Historical Victorian Prints Maps and Historic Fine Art---------- Rockery Royal Horticulture Garden Chiswick Old Print Old Antique Garden Print Size Approx ( injcluding margins as shown ) 11" X 9" ( 290 X 225 ). From The Garden, The Amateur ...

15,00 EUR*
Details garden with a rockery - Throw Pillow Cover Case (18

Polyester Poplin fabric for a soft and comfortable feel

27,50 EUR*
Details Antiker Druck Anglo indische Leben-Morgen-Fahrjapanischen zwergartigen Baum Rockery 1891

Copie Antique du Jardin de rocaille Nain Japonais 1891 d'Arbre de Vie de Tour Indien Anglo de Matin Anglo Indian Life Morning Ride Japanese Dwarf Tree Rockery 1891 An antique full reverse page print from the Illustrated London News. Data if known in ...

65,00 EUR*
Details SaySure - CSolar Pump For Water Cycle/Pond Fountain/Rockery Fountain

If there is anything we can do for you please do not hesitate contact us directly.

37,90 EUR*
Details Nanga Damen Rockery Pantoffeln, Grün (Grün / 90), 38 EU

Der topmodische Damenhausschuh in 3 Farben. Uni Hintergrund und unser Edelweiß aus den Bergen Tirols. Ein besonders High Light für Jeden, der das Besondere sucht. Die Slipper von Nanga bestechen durch optimalen Tragekomfort aus anschmiegsamen Bio Walk ...

4,13 EUR*
Details Campanula Rockery Mixed Seeds

We collect seed from all of our tiny treasures, but few give enough to list, so we mix them all together in this choice selection of dwarf species. SOWING ADVICE: For best results, sow seeds immediately onto a good soil-based compost. Cover the seeds ...

3,62 EUR*
Details Aubrieta Best Rockery Mix Seeds

Seeds were collected from these lovely cascading plants growing over walls in our gardens. They come in a wide variety of colours from reds to blues and even the occasional palest blue or white. SOWING ADVICE: Seeds can be sown at any time but are ...

15,63 EUR*
Details ETGtek(TM) 3pcs Aquarium Landschaftsbau künstliche Pflanzen Gras Blattpflanze Rockery Bonsai Zubehör

Beschreibung: Künstliche Unterwasserpflanze für Aquarium Aquarium Dekoration Keramik-Basis, grün Kunststoff Pflanze Dekor, leicht zu reinigen Bieten eine ausgezeichnete Verstecke für Fische. Geben Sie eine schöne Dekoration in Ihrem Aquarium ...

6,90 EUR*
Details ETGtek(TM) 1pcs Gras Aquarium Aquarium künstliche Rockery Pflanzen Dekoration Aquarium Zubehör Grün

Beschreibung: Künstliche Unterwasserpflanze für Aquarium Aquarium Dekoration Keramik-Basis, grün Kunststoff Pflanze Dekor, leicht zu reinigen Bieten eine ausgezeichnete Verstecke für Fische. Geben Sie eine schöne Dekoration in Ihrem Aquarium ...

6,93 EUR*
Details rockery Samen der Pflanzen, Topfpflanzen, 50seeds / bag Bio * Bonsai Hause Pflanze leicht Uhr wachsen

Einheitentyp: Tasche Paket-Gewicht: 0.010kg (. 0.02lb) Paket-Größe: 12cm x 10cm x 3cm (4.72in x 3.94in x 1.18in) Produkttyp: Bonsai Anwendung: Zimmerpflanzen Cultivating Grad Schwierigkeit: Sehr Leicht Klassifizierung: Neuartige Anlage voller Blüte ...

6,55 EUR*
Details 200 Partikel Rockery Grassamen Klettern Frisches Grün Traditionelle Natural Plant Bonsai Seed Magic Garden Blume

Einheit-Art: Los (200 Stücke / Los) Paket-Gewicht: 0.010kg (. 0.02lb) Paket-Größe: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in) voller Blüte Zeit: Keine Typ: Kräuter Anwendbar Constellation: Zwilling Flowerpot: gepflanzt mit Topf Cultivating schwier

6,17 EUR*
Details Trifolium Linn Grass Samen grün Outdoor-Garten-Grünpflanzen Indoor Hause Wasser Rockery Bonsai Hof 300 Sementes

Einheit-Art: Los (300 Stücke / Los) Paket-Gewicht: 0.200kg (0.44lb.) Paket-Größe: 15cm x 15cm x 5cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 1.97in) Produkttyp: Bonsai Gebrauch: Outdoor Plants Cultivating Schwierigkeitsgrad: Sehr leicht Vollblütezeit: Sommer Typ: Fo

25,99 EUR*
Details IDEALEBEN Springbrunnen Pumpe Wasserspielpumpe mit LED-Ringbeleuchtung Set für Garten-Brunnen / Tauchpumpe Wasser-Zyklus / Teich-Brunnen / Rockery-Brunnen (DC12V 9.5W)

Idealeben Brunnen Wasserpumpe inklusive LED-Beleuchtung. Bei der Verwendung wird die Pumpe direkt von der Pumpe mit Strom versorgen und der Wasserauslass beleuchten. Es kompatibel mit Quelle Felsen, Wasser-Funktion oder Brunnen zu laufen. Max ...

3,98 EUR*
Details Campanula Poscharskyana Seeds

This astonishingly tough rockery plant bears in spring and summer sprays of violet starry flowers. Vigorous and fast growing, it is one of the easiest and long-flowering of all rockery plants, and able to stand almost complete drying out once ...

3,83 EUR*
Details Lupinus Versicolor Seeds

Another treasure from North America - thus completely hardy - is this impressive clinging, spreading, silvery carpet, liberally covered with dumpy almost stemless blue and white lupin flowers. Fabulous on scree, rockery, or cascading over a bank or ...

3,68 EUR*
Details Schizanthus Grahamii Seeds

The most striking of all schizanthus, purple-veined yellow-tongued, crimson orchid-like flowers. Gorgeous pot or sheltered rockery plant. SOWING ADVICE: For best results, seeds are sown directly into the ground where required in the spring ...

3,31 EUR*
Details Sedum Ellacombeanum Seeds

An ever-popular rockery plant forming a close mat of evergreen, fleshy, dark green leaves and low flat compound heads of numerous bright yellow flowers. (Sedum kamtschaticum var. ellacombeanum) SOWING ADVICE: For best results, sow seeds immediately ...

3,83 EUR*
Details Geum Magellanicum Seeds

Numerous bright red or sometimes yellow flowers, open on many stems above bright green thick leathery leaved rosettes. This lovely new border or rockery plant was collected quite recently in South America (Patagonia). SOWING ADVICE: For best results ...

3,98 EUR*
Details Androsace Mixed Species Seeds

We offer a valuable selection of these aristocratic rockery plants, including Androsace carnea, armeniaca, chaixii, lactea, salicifolia, daurenica, halleri, villosa and pyrenaica. We have included one or two annuals which will come up quickly whilst ...

3,31 EUR*
Details Draba Dedeana Seeds

This very distinctive species from Spain and the Pyrenees makes a tiny hard rosette of shiny green, toothed foliage with heads of disproportionately large white flowers. A diminutive, cushion-forming alpine which is amongst the earliest of rockery ...

4,20 EUR*
Details Penstemon Species Mixed Seeds

A wide selection from this increasingly popular group of plants, including both rockery and border varieties, e.g. Penstemon spp. cardinalis, fruticosus, procerus, serrulatus, montanus, ovatus, venustus, virens and many more. Flowering all summer long ...

4,35 EUR*
Details Aquilegia Saximontana Seeds

A choice and absolutely exquisite dwarf columbine bearing disproportionately large blue and white flowers on short stems on very compact, glaucous-leaved plants. Superb on a rockery or in a container. SOWING ADVICE: For best results, sow seeds ...

3,18 EUR*
Details Habranthus Tubispathus Seeds

These attractive plants from South America have orange funnel-shaped flowers, striped darker underneath. They are perfect for a well-drained rockery or even a pot in the conservator, where they form attractive clumps which then produce a steady flow ...

3,83 EUR*
Details Onosma Rigida Seeds

This delightful rockery plant forms tidy mounds of hairy narrow leaves, above which in spring appear delicate nodding clusters of tubular, light yellow flowers. A valuable plant that comes from the Ukraine and which is very long-lived. SOWING ADVICE ...

6,32 EUR*
Details Codonopsis Vinciflora Seeds

This attractive climbing/scrambling plant will cover a small shrub in the rockery or peat garden with bright blue, flared, Periwinkle-like flowers in summer. It is also utterly hardy and perennial making deep tubers. SOWING ADVICE: Seeds can be sown ...

3,91 EUR*
Details Alyssum Pulvinare Seeds

New and rarely-offered, this fabulous alpine-house, rockery or wall plant produces solid cushions of tiny velvety silvery-grey leaves, which disappear in spring under sheets of thousands of tightly packed, fragrant golden flowers, and is as choice as ...

3,46 EUR*
Details Linaria Supina Seeds

This rather rare plant from the Western and also Eastern coasts of the USA makes a creeping carpet of blue-green leaves above which appear short spires of small, yellow "snapdragon" flowers, and thus makes a delightful rockery plant. SOWING ADVICE ...

4,06 EUR*
Details Symphyandra Zangezura Seeds

Another attractive campanula relative making a solid mound of jagged-edged leaves on spreading and dividing stems which, in early summer, bear countless white-eyed, blue bells along they lengths. A perfect plant for a stony rockery or front of border ...

2,87 EUR*
Details Fibigia Clypeata Seeds

A charming dwarf plant for the front border or rockery with grey-green leaves and short stems holding sprays of yellow flowers which transform into attractive, hard, bladder-like seed pots, rather like small eggs clustered up the stems. SOWING ADVICE ...

3,46 EUR*
Details Papaver Miyabeanum Seeds

This most desirable Japanese midget has unusual orange-pink flowers on short stems above tiny evergreen hairy rosettes of ferny foliage. A superlative plant to allow to naturalise on a rockery where it will move in drifts over the years. SOWING ADVICE ...

4,35 EUR*
Details Alyssum Aizoides Seeds

From the high mountains of central and eastern Europe comes this rare alpine gem which makes a compact cushion of small silver-grey leaves supporting numerous bright yellow flowers. It will make an ideal subject for a well-drained dry scree, rockery ...

3,31 EUR*
Details Silene Atigraca Seeds

A completely new plant to cultivation, never before offered. Massed heads of pure white Maltese-Cross flowers on short, thin wiry stems in spring and early summer. A little beauty for the rockery or dry garden. SOWING ADVICE: For best results, sow ...

3,62 EUR*
Details Symphyandra Armena Seeds

This campanula relative carries masses of lavender bell flowers and deeply-toothed jagged leaves on a fine network of branching stems forming an attractive dome. Superb for a hot rockery and long-lived if allowed room to grow. SOWING ADVICE: Seeds can ...

4,35 EUR*
Details Pulsatilla Georgica Seeds

Compact clumps of rich plum velvety flowers, white inside and smaller than usual, but in greater numbers, and backed with fine white hairs, open in profuse, nodding clumps in spring. This rare but easy alpine plant is perfect for the rockery. SOWING ...

4,35 EUR*
Details Puya Chilensis Seeds

Another superb hardy pineapple relative with rosettes of jagged, grey-green leaves. Stout spikes of exotic yellow-green flowers. An excellent container or rockery plant SOWING ADVICE: Seeds can be sown at any time but are best sown in winter or early ...

2,58 EUR*
Details Chiastophyllum Oppositifolium Seeds

A superb rockery or wall plant. Arching stems carrying sprays of yellow 'lambs tail' flowers, sprouting from hardy evergreen succulent rosettes. A very long lived, high value plant. SOWING ADVICE: Seeds can be sown at any time but are best sown in ...

2,87 EUR*
Details Lathyrus Sphaericus Seeds

Numerous, small, darker-veined, orange-red pea flowers are carried on a creeping compact dome of thin grass-like leaves and stems. This rare dwarf annual from California, also called the grass pea, makes a compact addition to a rockery or edge of ...

4,13 EUR*
Details Saxifraga Aizoides Seeds

Bright yellow starry flowers open in early spring on low creeping cushions of tiny leaves. Very slow growing and ideal for a shady rockery, this plant is native to the highest mountains in the UK, and also North America, Alaska, Greenland and Europe ...

3,98 EUR*
Details Corydalis Solida Seeds

In spring, tight tufts of grey-green ferny foliage lie beneath dense spikes of purple flowers. This beautiful plant from northern Europe does well in a shady position on the rockery where it will grow in size each year. Very few seeds collected ...

2,80 EUR*
Details Alyssum Saxatile Seeds

One of the essential flowers for a hot rockery, this perpetual favourite produces bright sheets of yellow flowers over clumps of grey-green leaves. Will self-seed when happy even on the hottest, driest bank. SOWING ADVICE: Seeds can be sown at any ...

3,62 EUR*
Details Silene Alpestris Seeds

This delightful and popular diminutive plant, ideal for the for the rockery or edge of path, bears thin stems which carry many-petalled, pure white frilly flowers, above a low creeping mat of small shiny leaves . SOWING ADVICE: Seeds can be sown at ...

3,98 EUR*
Details Ranunculus Gramineus Seeds

This lovely gem supplies valuable spring colour for the front of a border or rockery. Even experts are fooled by the long, sisyrinchium-like, glaucous leaves before the very long succession of butter-yellow saucers appears. It has no vices and is too ...

3,46 EUR*
Details Epilobium Glabellum Sulphureum Seeds

Short spikes of delicate, palest brimstone flowers, open throughout the spring and early summer. This unusual diminutive plant is a rare colour amongst "willow herbs", and is perfect for a shady spot on the rockery. SOWING ADVICE: For best results ...

4,35 EUR*
Details Boykinia Jamesii Seeds

From the Rocky Mountains, this high alpine Boykinia relative has heads of five-petalled, cherry-red flowers, held just above a cushion of leathery, scalloped leaves in early spring. It is long-lived when happy in the rockery or alpine trough, where it ...

3,83 EUR*
Details Papaver Alpinum Seeds

This charming miniature alpine poppy bears flowers in hues of peach, yellow and white, sometimes all on the same plant. Although they are technically short lived perennials, they self-seed well on a rockery or scree, but never ever seem to become a ...

3,46 EUR*
Details Aquilegia Einseleana Seeds

This pretty little alpine aquilegia comes in the most delicate shade of blue with slightly rounded outer petals. Best grown on a scree or rockery where it cannot be overshadowed by larger plants or even in a container. SOWING ADVICE: For best results ...

3,46 EUR*
Details Scutellaria Alpina Seeds

This most attractive, drought-resistant dwarf alpine makes a very low mound of radiating stems each of which is clad lengthwise with long-snouted yellow snapdragons. A perfect plant for the front of the rockery or in a small pot. SOWING ADVICE: Sow ...